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Server Rules

Post by Ivo on Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:04 pm

Here are the main rules that everyone should follow ! If you see someone that isn't following them, please make sure to inform us and report him in the REPORTS Section.


1. Death Maching (DM)
- Killing anyone without any IN-GAME reason.

2. Revenge Killing (RK)
- Whenever you die in the game, you lose your memory from when the RP Started for example. You are making some coffee or jogging and someone comes and role-playingly kidnaps you and in the end you die. You lose your memory of the kidnap and the kidnapper himself, YOU MUST NOT KILL HIM WITH THIS REASON.

3. Meta Gaming (MG)
- Mixing the chats, for example /b is local ooc chat ( only people around you see it ) and it must be used only for OOC* things, example - " /b I'll go take some food from the fridge brb ". Just chatting without any command is considered IC* and should only be spoken about RP things in the server. The /o (ALL OOC CHAT) can be seen by everyone and it's purpose is the same like the /b chat's. Or you can just talk about how your day was and so on. The /pm is considered OOC As well. USING IC INFORMATION like advertising that you sell guns or ask people where they are in an OOC chat is counted as a rulebreak! Same with OOC information in a IC Chat !

*OOC - Out Of Character
*IC - In Character

4. Power Gaming (PG)
- Doing overpowered things that cannot be usually done. Example /me knocks the cop out, you must TRY first with the /knockout command or /me lifts the rock.

5. Car Surfing
- Standing on the roof of a car while it's driving

6. Rush Taze
- Taking your tazer out and rushing to taze the suspect if he is shooting at you. You must only rush to taze him if he has not pointed a gun towards you, if he has, either stop in 1 place and put your hands up or get cover and do whatever your faction rules say.

7. Chicken Running
- Running like a headless chicken around to dodge bullets or without a valid IC reason

8. Air Landing
- Landing your AIRCRAFT vehicle on random roofs without authorization

9. Spamming
- Spamming /knockout or something in the chat. Use a command or repeat yourself not more than 2 or 3 times

10. Advertising servers
- Advertising any other server, team speak, game server or anything like this

11. Driver Drive-By (DDB)
- Using your weapons while you are the driver

12. Cop Baiting
- Running masked or asking the police to chase you just because you are bored

13. Doing crimes at public places
- Doing crimes at places like PD, Cityhall, Hospital,The Airport,Radio Los Santos, Jobs' locations is punishable as in real life these places would be guarded strictly

14. Hacks, Mods, Exploits, Cheats.
- Using any hacks like s0beit, CLEO Mods that give you advantage over other players, or abusing the physics of the game

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