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LSPD Application Form

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LSPD Application Form

Post by Dwayne on Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:47 pm

"To protect and serve" - Los Santos Police Department

(( Copy and paste this application form in your application and write your answer after the [/b] code. ))


[center][b](( In Character ))[/b][/center]

[u]1.1[/u] [b]Title:[/b]

[u]1.2[/u] [b]Last name:[/b]

[u]1.3[/u] [b]First name:[/b]

[u]1.4[/u] [b]Second name:[/b]

[u]1.5[/u] [b]Gender:[/b]

[u]1.6[/u] [b]Phone number:[/b]

[u]1.7[/u] [b]Home address:[/b]

[u]1.8[/u] [b]Previous employment(optional):[/b]

[u]1.9[/u] [b]Current employment:[/b]

[u]2.0[/u] [b]Education:[/b]

[u]2.1[/u] [b]Tell us abit about yourself and the expirience you have that would relate to your work in the Los Santos Police Department (minimum 150 words):[/b]

[code]--Answer to question 2.1 here--[/code]

[u]2.2[/u] [b]Why should we consider accepting you in the LSPD? What makes you stand compared to other applicants? (minimum 300 words):[/b]

[code]--Answer to question 2.2 here--[/code]

[center][b](( Out of Character ))[/b][/center]

[u]2.4[/u] [b]Age:[/b]

[u]2.5[/u] [b]Gender:[/b]

[u]2.6[/u] [b]Location:[/b]

[u]2.7[/u] [b]Timezone:[/b]

[u]2.8[/u] [b]Score:[/b]

[u]2.9[/u] [b]Timezone:[/b]

[u]3.0[/u] [b]How long have you played on Real City RPG?[/b]

[u]3.1[/u] [b]Were you a member of another faction before?[/b]

Make sure to read THIS GUIDE to understand how to use the forum codes, included in the application, if you are unsure or don't know how !


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