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Administrator Application Form

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Administrator Application Form

Post by Dwayne on Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:36 pm

[i][b]---------------------------------------------------------------:. in-game settings .:-------------------------------------------------------[/b][/i]

1. Name :
2. Age :
3. Faction :
4. Screen shot of your stats :
5. Job :
6. Gender :

[i][b]---------------------------------------------------------------:. Questions .:---------------------------------------------------------------[/b][/i]

7. Why you want to join our group? :
8. Have you been banned in the past? if yes why? :
9. How many bans you have in our server? :
10. How many warns you have in our server? :
11. Since when you play in our server? :
12. You player in our server before? if yes when? :
13. What you will do if server told you somone using fly hacks? :
14. Do you have expreinse in moderator panel? :
15. Did you ever was leader of any faction before? if yes which? :
16. What for you can use admin chat? :
17. Do you know every faction locations/commands in the server? :
18. How many rules we have in our server? :
19. Tell us meaning of rule 13 and 5 and 3 :
20. Tell us more about yourself :

Make sure to read THIS GUIDE to understand how to use the forum codes, included in the application, if you are unsure or don't know how !


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