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RP Factions Rules/Information

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RP Factions Rules/Information

Post by Ivo on Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:33 pm

So, you all know we have a lot of RP Factions, but you have always wanted your own one ? Now you can have it ! Even with your very own invite uninvite and rank commands !

Conditions you must fulfill before being able to ask for own RP Faction from administration

  1. You must be at least level 10 and have spent at least a month in the server
  2. If you have broken any server rules, abused or were banned, then you CAN'T have your own RP faction
  3. You must follow the Server and forum rules
  4. You must follow the LEADER rules
  5. You must respect everyone and not to be a racist out of game
  6. You must know what your faction is about and make sure it's doing only what it should
  7. You must find yourself HQ and use own cars.

General information about RP Factions

RP Factions can't have their unique vehicles that only faction members may drive, you must use your OWN vehicles.
If you understand the conditions and rules then you must speak with an In-Game Administrator so he can tell you how you should proceed with the creation of the family/faction. In Most cases if you have no abuses and bans behind your back every administrator will tell you to create a post in the Trial and Appeal Courts. BUT if you have been active a lot, proven loyalty to the server, haven't abused but have helped players and administration in any ways. You may skip the posting part.
You should know what your faction will be about and have decided it before that and follow it. For example if you want to create a illegal street racing faction then you should only do illegal street races and normal illegal things or legal. But not kidnaps and so on. If you wish to make a mafia, then do whatever a mafia does.
If you are caught abusing, or covering a member's abuses, no matter what, BOTH you and the member shall be punished strictly and the RP faction closed.

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